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Jane Samuel

JD, MS, Marriage and Family Therapy Associate

The saying goes, "you will have three careers by the time you die." Jane Samuel is living that dream. Formerly a lawyer, and always a mother, Jane's life experience led her to counseling parents, caregivers and children. Trained as a marriage and family therapist, Jane brings a "systemic lens" into her work, supporting and caring for the parent/caregiver, so that they are better equipped to tend to those with special care needs. Jane's central work is in sharing, (educating others on such topics as the impact of childhood adversity on relationships and learning, self-/co-regulation, and parent-child attachment) and caring (support group, therapy). Jane is certified as a Theraplay Practitioner, and has received numerous trainings including in parent-child psychotherapy (DDP Levels I and II), Family Attachment Therapy, Sand Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy (couple and family), and Narrative work including TF-CBT. As a mother to children of different races and a former overseas resident, Jane strives to be mindful of the roles of culture, diversity, and privilege in and out of the therapy room. Jane’s work has appeared in several publications and podcasts; she continues to speak locally and nationally on the topics of parenting, caregiving, and relational trauma.

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Our Specialties Meet Your Questions

Let's explore them together

Person Looking at the Mirror

Individual Therapy

Who am I? Why am I here? Why am I not progressing? Why does my life seem to lack meaning, intimacy, and purpose?

Romantic Couple

Couple Therapy

Can we make this work? How do we stop arguing about the same thing? How do I communicate more clearly?

Family dinner

Family Therapy 

Why is my family so disfunctional? What is my role within my family? How do I make them understand me?

Children Playing

Children Therapy

I feel bad. I want to yell, scream, and cry. Where is my mommy? Where is my daddy?

Support Group Meeting

Group Therapy 

Am I alone? Are their others with the same struggles as me? Who can I turn to for empathy?


Specialized Workshops

How do I take care of my grandchildren? Why can't I stop eating? Why am I terrified of public speaking? 

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