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Our Story

In the early 90s, a young woman sat in a crisis pregnancy call center wondering where the voices on the telephone went after they hung up. 


She went home and spoke with her husband, and after a period of time, they decided to open their home. 


Now, when the phone hung up at the crisis pregnancy center, their doorbell rang at home.  


Young, frightened women began to show up.

The successes were sweet. Mother’s overcoming addiction, learning how to parent, attempting to embrace responsibility. And the defeats were heart-breaking. Mother’s unable to kick habits. Parental rights terminated by the state. Children sent to unfit family members. And the need was unending. 


In 1999 the Mother-Baby Home was opened: A facility that housed, educated, supported, and attempted to rehabilitate these mothers, some as young as 13. One particular 14-year-old was kicked out by her parents because she refused to have her child killed in the womb. She had nowhere else to go. 

Shortly after, AGC opened the Daycare as a supporting service. 



Ten years later, they started their foster care program. Since the state does not issue a stipend to foster parents for daycare (if they go through a private agency) AGC was able to provide deep discounts to foster families. 


Ten years after the foster care program, AGC opened the therapy center, where therapists provide services to foster children, foster families, biological families, and members of the community. 



Monday - Friday

8:00 - 5:00 

122 Danville Road Loop 1

Nicholasville, KY 40356


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