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Day Care

DSC00254 At All God’s Children, our mission is to provide care and support for young mothers and their children and families. Not only do we offer shelter and support, we offer invaluable life skill training and educational opportunities. Our desire is for these new mothers to leave our home fully prepared to manage their own home. As any parent knows, it’s nearly impossible to takes classes and study with a newborn—yet the education offered to these young ladies can make or break their futures. That’s why AGC offers a daycare center for the children of our moms. While the children are cared for in a loving, safe environment, the moms can focus on continuing their education and learning how to manage a family. But this daycare center isn’t just a babysitting service. The center is also used as a teaching tool to model appropriate childcare practices and to teach appropriate social interaction between parents and teachers. Staff members attempt to empower the teenage mothers to make good decisions and become knowledgeable about the development of their children. DSC00255 In the Daycare Center, children enjoy free play, games, music, learning centers and circle time. They also have a story time, crafts, lunch, nap time, and outdoor play. Daily we work on age-appropriate activities and skill development with the children. Our infants work on things like rolling over, sitting up, and forming sounds and words, while the older children work on shapes, numbers, colors, and letters. The children also work on other skills that are developed through natural play. We can never underestimate the power of play!DSC00256 We strive to provide a loving, nurturing, developmentally appropriate teaching environment for all of the children we serve. At AGC, care and support come full circle—we care for the mothers by caring for their children—that way they can better care for their children in the days to come.    

For more information or to make a referral, please contact our office at 859-881-5010 or our Day Care Director, Sierra Leonard, at [email protected]