Wish List


Current Most Needed Wish List Items as of Aug. 2020


Bath towels (white)

Clorox wipes

Lysol spray

Foaming hand soap

Disinfectant surface cleaner

Laundry detergent pods


Trash bags

Paper plates, cups, utensils

Toilet paper

Latex gloves

“Swiffer”-type mop

Baby Care

Formula dividers

Bottle brushes

Diapers (size 3-6)

Baby wipes

Over the counter medicine— diaper rash ointment, children’s pain reliever, and thermometers

Child Care Center

Washable markers (Crayola)

Washable paint

Play dough

Craft supplies (variety)

Board games/educational games


Small gift cards to local fast food places ($5-$10)

Small gift items for females

Scrapbooking supplies

New socks, underwear, bras, PJ’s for teen females

Batteries (all sizes)

Legal pads/Notebooks

Air freshener

Larger Items

Infant Car seat (less than 5 years old)

Large kitchen trashcan w/ foot petal


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