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Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer for All God’s Children (AGC).

We feel blessed and honored that you would consider partnering with us in our work to provide a stable, home-like setting for in-crisis teen moms and their children.

New state regulations have forced us to make some changes in how we conduct our volunteer program and have actually resulted in several limitations.   Because we work with children who are in very sensitive personal and family situations, we must be extraordinarily careful about selecting our volunteers.

Also, please realize that as a ministry, we respect our residents and their situations and cannot discuss specific reasons they are with us.  Sometimes however, the residents themselves will talk about their situation to volunteers/guests.  If that occurs, we simply ask that you treat all information as extremely confidential (whether it is acquired through verbal communication, written record or observation) pertaining to any resident, resident’s story/family, staff member or volunteer of All God’s Children.

We do have long-term and short-term volunteer projects, both requiring an application.  If you have a group that would like to do a recreation with our residents, only the confidentiality statements must be signed.

Again, we thank you for your interest in our program.  We look forward to seeing you at AGC!

How to Become a Volunteer with All God’s Children

1. Fill out a volunteer application and sign a confidentiality statement (One for each member of your group). Click here fill out an online Volunteer Application   and  print and sign the Volunteer Agreement letter

2. Choose from the list of approved volunteer opportunities below:

Recreational opportunities:

Craft Creations – provide the supplies and direct a craft night with the girls. Volunteer cooking

Share a board game night (AGC has many board games).

Share outside recreation time (volleyball, basketball, corn hole).

Meal Preparation – provide supplies and teach our moms how to prepare a healthy meal.

Treat residents to a night out—bowling, movie, church activity, etc…
(Note: Up to two (2) AGC staff members must accompany when residents are off grounds).
(If your group would like to also provide a snack or dinner for the residents to share, please let us know in advance so we can tell you how many will be eating).

Individual Opportunities:

Hospital Companion – sit at the Hospital with a Mom and their baby during a sickness and/or after childbirth.

Childcare Assistant – care for babies while Moms attend educational classes.

Donation Organizer – assist with organizing in-kind donations.

Administrative Assistant – help with large mailings, filing, organizing resident files.

Special Events – work in various roles during fundraising events.

Work opportunities:

Grounds and landscaping – depending on the time of the year, there are numerous tasks available on the property; from as simple as planting flowers to as rugged as cutting down trees, brush clearing, etc.  AGC has some outdoor tools, but groups are encouraged to bring additional pieces where applicable.

Indoor or Outdoor Painting (Must be somewhat experienced). AGC provides all paint and paint materials.
Small construction projects that arise from time to time. (Must be somewhat experienced). AGC provides all materials and supplies.

Storage Overhaul – assist with organizing and cleaning out our storage areas.

Toy Revival – thorough cleaning of outdoor playground toys.

October, November and early December; numerous tasks associated with the preparation for Christmas.

3. Contact us at (859) 881-5010 or [email protected] for more information or to schedule your group.

Please dress modestly and casually for your visit.

  • All purses, cell phones, etc. should be left in vehicles.
  • If your group would like to give gifts, all residents must receive the same gift and it must be chosen from AGC’s list of approved items for residents. (Due to our regulations certain items cannot be given to residents, (i.e., candles, finger nail polish, etc.)
  • General gifts for the ministry may also be purchased such as diapers, wet wipes, etc.
  • All gifts given must first be checked by staff on duty to verify that they are on the approved list for residents.
  • Residents are not allowed to request any items or favors from guests. (i.e., mailing letters, making phone calls, etc.)
  • Please do not make any promises of future events or gifts.
  • No physical contact with residents unless they initiate it. (Remember, some of our residents have been physically abused and may not welcome physical contact).
  • Volunteers/Guests may hold babies with the mom’s permission.
  • Volunteers/Guests should NEVER be alone with one of AGC’s residents.
  • Volunteers/Guests should never be upstairs in the residents living quarters unless involved in a scheduled tour with a group, and accompanied by an AGC staff member.

Note:  Many times babysitting is an issue as we attempt to schedule activities for our teen moms. If you would to schedule an event that involves only the moms, you could really assist us by scheduling some of your group to do childcare during the activity. If given enough notice, AGC may be able to provide childcare.