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We also have several initiatives that supports family wellbeing, for those who have a heart to help, but may not be ready to take the leap into taking placements. 

Pressing Needs.

It doesn't take much to help. One person could provide a foster family the support they need to keep going.

Foster Care Family Champions

Keep foster families going. 

Pray. Reach out. Feed. Repeat. This is a 6-month commitment where you foster a foster family as the foster family fosters foster children. 

Don't worry, it's actually simple.


While the foster parents take part in caring for foster children, you take care of the parents. Every month for 6-months you provide a meal for the family. You pray for them daily. And check in on them weekly. 

The idea is that you support them so they are able to foster as long as possible. 

Volunteer Groups 

Help keep the Pam Smith Memorial campus peaceful and welcoming.

The Pam Smith Memorial Campus houses our administrative offices, daycare, therapy program, and was the original site of our mother-baby home. 

We are frequently in need of volunteer groups to help maintain the grounds, keeping them flourishing and inviting to our steady stream of visitors. 

Financial Partners

Invest in future generations. 

We've seen it again and again. A young 20 something graduates college. They have a social work degree, or something in the world of human services. They're going to change the world, so, they go work for a non-profit. Everyday they see the most difficult aspects of humanity. Children abandoned, abused, and traumatized. They work late, come in early. Don't have time to pack lunch. And then wonder if they can even afford to buy lunch. Eventually they leave. They want to start a family, make money to support their family, and say goodbye to the families and children they. Those families have seen this before too. Social worker after social worker coming in and out of their lives. They close their hearts to new people. 

So, we at AGC, do everything we can to fight against that. Your donation helps us invest in the wellbeing of our team because their wellbeing directly impacts the wellbeing of those we serve


If you'd like to make an impact in any of these areas, fill out this form and a team member will be in touch shortly. 

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