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Every Child Deserves A Chance and that is EXACTLY what we are providing.  Join us in our mission to help abused and neglected children in need.  There are so many ways for you to get involved.  Contact us at (859) 881-5010 or [email protected] to see how YOU can make a difference!


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About Us

All God’s Children, Inc., is a nationally accredited, private, not-for-profit corporation that has been nurturing the spirit and building the character of children since 1999. The purpose of All God’s Children is to provide comprehensive care, treatment and education to emotionally and behaviorally troubled, pregnant and/or parenting teens and their children. We are committed to providing services that are cost effective and responsive to the unique needs of each child, always in close cooperation with the parents or guardians, referring agencies, and funding sources. All God’s Children always has the client’s best interest in mind with regards to the services it provides, and protects the health and safety of all persons who seek services from them. Learn more >>

All God’s Children, Inc. of Kentucky is not in any way affiliated with All God’s Children International of Oregon

Did You Know?
Nearly 10,000 children in Kentucky are out of their homes due to abuse or neglect. Most of us cannot imagine the lives these children have led but you can make a difference. Pray, donate, volunteer, teach or even become a Foster Parent. One small gesture on your part can impact and change the life of a child forever.


Stats on the relationship of Abuser to the Abused
Abuser did not know victim:  5.9%
Abuser was Step Parent or Paramour:   4.1%
Abuser was another relative:   6.5%
Abuser was the PARENT:   78.5%
(per ACE study)